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Influencer Campaigns

Our experience with influencer campaigns involves securing partnerships with influencers in target markets and event activations.

Specialities in this area:

  • Content Creation

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Event Activations

Additional Clients:


Kin Euphorics

In partnership with Kin Euphorics, we worked on ongoing marketing campaigns which included two social media partnerships and one event sponsorship for a virtual women's retreat.

Accomplishments: Contributing to a 5% increase in sales from partnerships.

Besado Tequila

To introduce Besado Tequila to the Houston market through curating an event activation for Valentine's Weekend. Playing off the word "Besado" which means kiss in Spanish, the theme of the event was centered around love. Houston's top influencers were invited to attend.

Accomplishments: Over 200+ individuals attended and Houston sales increased by 7% in the following quarter.

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